Full Version: Curt Schilling to Host Howie Carr Radio Network Show
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Saturday morning show starts this week.

TALKERS MAGAZINE – Howie Carr Radio Network Signs Radio Syndication Deal with Curt Schilling. In a major move that signals the roster expansion of the mega-successful Howie Carr Radio Network (HCRN), the Boston-based media firm has signed outspoken sports hero and politically opinionated commentator Curt Schilling (right) to join the radio network as a talk show host. The former Boston Red Sox pitching ace will begin this new phase of his colorful career by doing a three-hour Saturday morning show (9:00 am ET to 12:00 noon ET) available for national syndication to stations across the country. HCRN president (and star performer, weekdays 3:00 pm ET to 7:00 pm ET ) Howie Carr (left) tells TALKERS, “This is a great beginning for what we hope will be a star-studded lineup on the Howie Carr Radio Network. Curt has proven to be a stand-up guy and he is going to be a great radio talk show host.”

HCRN operations manager Jared Goodell adds, “Our goal at The Howie Carr Radio Network is to become the premiere provider of talk radio content for the future. We strongly believe that Curt Schilling is the answer to the nagging question of ‘who’s next?’ in the business. Curt brings spirited, educated and level-headed conversations to the table and is passionate about talking with the listeners.” Plans are for the show to cover a wide range of contemporary subjects and issues from sports to politics.

The Curt Schilling Show launches this Saturday (9/10). Stations interested in becoming charter affiliates of the program should email Jared Goodell at:
No word on what stations, if any, will be carrying this show?
(09-07-2016 10:20 AM)Capn Spackle Wrote: [ -> ]No word on what stations, if any, will be carrying this show?

Seems like Howie's major affiliates all have programming at that time.

Some carry best-ofs on weekends, so I wonder if any would swap that out for Curt?
Globe says WFEA 1370/99.9 Manchester NH will carry it
Curt guest hosted the second half of Howie's show today and talked about the new show a bit.

Steve will be producing and Grace will be on phones, broadcasting from Howie's new studio.

He signed a 52 week contract.

Sounds like a mix of politics and sports, with Ann Coulter calling in this weekend and one of the topics being the Seattle Seahawks.
Yes and on WHJJ 920's facebook there's a question asking the Providence station's listeners if they'd listen to
a show hosted by Schilling.May be considering it (one
reply said bring it on),and HJJ noted they carry a best of Howie Sun nights
Starting on NH1/99.1 tomorrow, per Howie.
Looks like Curt now has a Breitbart Monday thru Friday, 9-11 AM show...I wonder if this will impact his HCRN show?
Sounds like he's still on board...filling in for Howie at 6 PM tomorrow, and still hosting his weekend show.
Looks like WBAE in Maine has picked up his Saturday show, which is kind of interesting since they don't have Howie's show.
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