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What exactly, is the so-called "Magic Radio" that he always mentions?

Yesterday he said he "watched" some of the inaugural events on it.
SiriusXM Satellite Radio
Yup, SiriusXM it is.

He's mentioned it by name a few times (he listens to the 40's on 4 station in his car) but I think he's leery of dropping the name too often lest more people stop listening and subscribe (he doesn't get to pan the grift there since he's not carried on it). Interestingly two that were kicked to the curb by RKO are on SiriusXM, Rush and Mark Levin.

They probably had to boot Levin so Howie could use the "live from an undisclosed location" without so much guilt, since Levin has been doing that for a long time...
(01-25-2017 11:23 AM)Deputy Dick Wrote: [ -> ]SiriusXM Satellite Radio

OK, I figured it had to either be sat radio or some sort of internet radio, but how does he "watch" something on it?
The radio head has scrolling text. It fascinates him how they can do that so he keeps 'watching' it. Hence, it's "magic" LOL
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