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Regular Howie Carr Show Schedule
Howie Carr Show Schedule
Monday-Friday, 3PM to 7PM Eastern
3:00Station News Programming
3:06Opening Audio Montage and Poll Question
4:00Station News Programming
4:06Opening Audio Montage and Poll Question
5:00Station News Programming
5:06Opening Audio Montage and Poll Question
5:08Chump Line
6:00Station News Programming
6:06Opening Audio Montage and Poll Question
6:08New England Related Segment
Commercial breaks usually around :20, :30, :45, and :59.

Regular Segments
Max RobinsMondays at 5:33Television Q&A (on hiatis since spring 2015)
Ann CoulterMondays or TuesdaysPolitical discussion.
Police Blotter FridayFridays at 5:33E-mail or fax funny or shocking police log entries. Prizes.
Death Pool4:08 When Someone Isn't Down For BreakfastCall in to pick the next famous person who will die. Prizes.
Dr. John H. de JongSome Fridays at 6:08Veterinary Q&A
Bruce FriedrichThanksgiving WeekFormer PETA employee attempts to advocate for veganism.
Tool of the MonthLast Thursday of the MonthPoll for worst of three recent audio clips.

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